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3 bags/ lot oolong tea dahong pao the chinese oolong tea oolong da hong pao tea health care set the products for weight loss 100% pure natural green food Noartificial additives or chemical additives Mount Wuyi Da Hong Pao is the most prestigious tea, known as the “King of tea,” the growth in the Kowloon nest of a steep rock face. Wuyi has the scent of green tea, black tea glycol, is Chinese oolong tea in Need, one of Chinas top ten tea, which the Big Red and Awards. Chinese Institute of Preventive Medicine confirmed Wuyi oolong tea has ten functions: 1. The caffeine in tea can be excited in the central nervous system, helping people inspired, enhance thinking, eliminate fatigue, improve work efficiency. 2. The role of inhibition of atherosclerosis: so often among those who drink tea, a lower incidence of hypertension and coronary heart disease. 3. weight loss: polyphenols and vitamin C can lower cholesterol and blood lipids, so tea can lose weight. 4. antibacterial, antimicrobial effect. 5. cardiac spasm. 6. Anti-caries effect. 7. inhibit cancer cells. 8. contribute to lowering aid digestion. 9. mouthguard helps eyesight. 10. diuretic effect: caffeine and theophylline in tea have a diuretic effect, for the treatment of edema, water stagnation tumor. Brewing Methods:Washing Cup: Washing tea set by boiling water, and warming tea pot and cups. Putting Tea: Pry up one pieces tea ( about 5-8 grams) , putting into tea pot. Waking up Tea: Infusing boiling water into tea pot, waiting for about 3-5 seconds. Discarding tea soup right now when the tea beginning to stretch. Brewing Tea: Infusing boiling water into tea pot again, waiting for about 10 seconds. After the tea juice exudes and tea soup become to brown, pouring out tea soup and preparing to taste now. Tea-Tasting: Sipping tea when it is hot. Smelling before tasting, sipping with smelling. Jinjunme, the top quality of Lapsang souchong, It only take the first tea bud in spring, the silver buds consists of black blooms and covered with golden down. Lapsang Souchong is the earliest black tea in the world. Originally from the Wuyi region of the Chinese province of Fujian. The Jinjunme do not like the traditional smoky Lapsang. Its natural with flower & fruit flavour. It has bright and yellow liquid, tast very tender with sweet. Lapsang Souchong can be drunk with or without milk and many find it taste great even after the liquor has gone cold. It also pairs very well with curry and meat dishes. Shipping Detailed: Payment:We only accept Paypal. If you buy by mistake, want to cancel, please send me a ebay message tell me to cancel it. Please, make sure provid to us with correct, precise, and detailed shipping Address. (including name, telephone number and address used for shipping,Russian post request buyer used English). We offer Free Shipping to worldwide by Registered China Post Air Mail, We will ship with tracing number.All items will be shipped within 48 business hours afterreceiving complete payment.TO United States: 10-20 business days,notinclud weekend.while other countries may take longer time. In rare cases,unforeseeable, if item delays may be because of the Custom Clearance, Severe Weather or Holidays etc. If you dont receive your item on time, pls contact us immediately for further assistance. Thank you for your great understand and support. Your positive feedback will support me service more and more better.have a nice day! Thank you for your attention!

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